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The secret of great North Indian cooking is not just in the wide range of spices used but above all in the way in which they are carefully combined. We use a stone mortar weighing 150 kg in order to allow the fresh herbs to develop their full aroma. The tandoor is the main piece of equipment that we use to grill the delicately marinated meat dishes. Usually round in shape, the tandoor has a hollow lined with fired clay and firewood lit on its base. The saucer-shaped naan (flat bread) is stuck to the outer walls heated by the embers and baked there, which takes just a few minutes.

We serve specialities from the varied cuisine of North and Central India in the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant. The quality of our food and the welcoming atmosphere have been well known even beyond the city's boundaries for many years.
We would be happy to help you select your dishes; our chef can also conjure up mildly spiced dishes at your request.

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